Running Coaching

Why I started Coaching

I’ve been coaching in sport for over 20 years starting in American Football, and now Running Coach in Peterborough. Being able to help people attain their goals that they believe are unachievable and help them learn new things.

I set up a local Run Together group in Peterborough as I wanted a place that people felt they could progress and not feel like they had to enter races, buy club kit or pay for group runs.

I can assist with basic nutrition, and advice on fuelling your races or for weight loss.

Previous sporting history includes playing/coaching American football for 17yrs up to Captaining both the GB University Teams, and the Welsh National Team. Also playing in 3 National Finals Bowl Games

Since then I have taken part in extreme sports, kitesurfing. Running has remained in various levels throughout but now is my main activity.

My Work & Races