Is The Million Mile Light the Best Battery Free light for Runner’s Safety

Battery Free Lights

The million mile light started off as idea on kickstarter a few years ago, and soon after the first launch and success there  were a few tweeks made to the design and battery for the better.

Largely marketed as a light safety device for children walking during the winter it got a following for runners that want something easy to attach on various items or pieces of clothing

So the whole idea as you might have guessed it is that you dont need to worry about batteries with these, EVER!

They work on the similar principle as kinetic watches, however rather than store the power generated its use to make the lights flicker, sort of like a strobe

These really have been my go to lights for the last couple of years as I have the option of clipping onto my shorts, jacket or bag. If you cant clip them, then the clip can be removed and the yellow rubber tab is removed, light placed against clothing and secured from the inside

 So having had these for a few years now what issues have I had?

  1. Just knowing where to place them so they dont get covered on those colder mornings
  2. At some stage the rubber may deteriorate and it isnt something that can be replaced on its own, however I really do us ethe clip more so this is a minor issue
  3. Actually putting one down somewhere either at home or work and losing it. My fault not the lights so I had to buy another set….why not!

So in summary if you are looking for a light that doesn’t weigh a tone, gives you multiple options to fit, doesn’t require batteries  and you just want a strobing light that doesn’t make you stand out like a Christmas tree  then these are perfect

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