Rockay Calf Compression Sleeves Tested

I have to admit this is something that I never considered wearing until the start of 2021.

Why you may ask,  that is down to having an injury to my calf I would say had been around on and off for about 10 months. We all ignore those little niggles that turn into something that we think is gone with 2 weeks rest

For me this didn’t go away and in November hit me pretty good, even my sports physio thought it was a low grade tear of the muscle as treatment didn’t work as quick as normal.

January seemed to be OK again, and then a little niggle appeared. Thats when I thought is there anything I can do to help.

rockay blazee

So after figuring out that compression sleeves had a chance of supporting and keeping the muscles warm I did a little digging around and decided on a pair of Rockay Blaze.

Definately not the cheapest, but seemed to be decent enough and looked better than all the ones that advertised themselves

Make sure you use their sizing guide to get the correct size as going blindly in you either have far too tight a set or way too loose that wont do the job

I have done easily over 200 miles in these and have been good at keeping the calf muscles warm on the cooler days. You can easily feel the compression and know they are there but without discomfort.

Getting the sleeves off can take a bit of getting used to as you dont want to be tugging along the length, being easier to bunch up and get over my heel first. Well that works for me anyway. I found that trying to pull them too far its easy to stick your thumb through the material.

What I can say though its visible damage to the sleeves, I have used a number of times since and there is not noticeable further damage or loss in compression. If you want something that stands out a little and dont mind the extra cost then these are a great bit of kit for warmth, protection in longer grasses and help prevent calf niggles in colder weather

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