Salomon Adv Skin 12 Vest

The Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set is a remarkably comfortable vest that carries plenty of gear for long runs. I bought this initially for use during the Chicago Marathon as they don’t let you use packs with bladders.

Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set Review

salomon trail running vest

Previously I had been using a Camelbak Ultra for years without issue. However due to not being sure if I could stomach the Gatorade extreme hearing horror stories of people being sick and changing to new fuelling I needed something else. Ohhh yeah and Chicago said they didnt allow backpacks with bladders.

Here, ismy impressions of the Salomon Adv Skin 12 to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Comfort: This is my top consideration in a running vest, and it’s where the Advanced Skin 12 Set excels. The vest rides almost unnoticed, hugging my back, shoulders, and chest. It does not bounce, even when loaded with waterproof jacket, gopro, phone, water, and food. The only issue I ever had was running with a vest top I found a small amount of chafe on the right of my neck, however no issue with running tees.

Gear Accessibility: A good vest should allow you to access your gearquickly, and the Skin 12 Set works well in this regard. Large pockets on the shoulder straps easily carry a smartphone (Galaxy Ultra for me), gels, other food, and even a small jacket or headlamp. It puts the important items at your fingertips so you don’t need to stop to remove the pack. Larger items can ride in the back for access at aid stations or while walking. Pre-planning what you might need and when is the key, but with some practice you can easily peg this down.

Simplicity: I need a pack that is easy to use and the Skin 12 Set is very simple to put on, take off, and fill with water.

Hydration: For me, getting water is a primary job of the pack. This one is sold with 2 soft plastic flasks. I don’t really like them, as they come having to either lift the bottle or bend my head down for a drink. Rather than pay £12 each for the official straws I paid £3 for some clear hose from my local DIY chain and cut to length, with a bit of warming hose up in boiling water problem solved . Fortunately, for those that want another solution this vest is compatible with the brand’s hydration bladders.

The soft flask carry approx 500ml each

A note on durability: I’ve run at least 120 miles so far in this vest and have had zero problems, but I do want to note that some reviews have called out durability problems. Mine has been fine, but it’s worth considering that this pack uses lightweight materials and some users have reported broken buckles or torn mesh.

salomon trail running vest

Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set: Design

For those wanting more details, Salomon designed this pack for runners who need a decent amount of gear but also require comfort for moving fast. It has one large internal pocket with a bladder hanging system compatible with a  1.5L bladder (not included).

The shoulder straps each have three open pockets and one zippered pocket. Most of them are large enough to hold a cellphone or even a light jacket. They will hold everything you need for instant access. Just remember that it is not waterproof so for some items you may need to place in a plastic or waterproof bag

The inside of the vest is arguably the most important. It’s what touches your skin and shirt, and it’s what makes it comfortable. The Salomon uses a very open mesh that breathes well. On hot days, your back will get sweaty under the vest, but it’s pretty reasonable to expect that the gear in the back will contribute to some back sweat building up. Overall, it’s a nice light, breathable vest that doesn’t bounce or jostle while you run.

A few other details: It includes a safety blanket and an emergency whistle. It has reflective details and is PVC free.

From my personal experience with a few vests, Salmon’s Skin 12 Set hits my sweet spot of comfort, lightweight and doing what you want from a running vest for storage.

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